Cheyenne National Park

We made it! After 25-26 hours of travel, we are in Colorado! Honestly, being in the car all that time was definitely not as bad as we thought. The views were breathtaking! Colorado, you have my heart.

We hit a little snag 97 miles from our arrival point at Colorado Springs, but luckily the guys at Double S Towing noticed our distress and helped us out 🙂


They are the best! Also thanks to Chris at the Bridgestone Tire in Limon who stayed open late to give us a new tire 😀 Seriously, everyone we have met so far in this state is AWESOME! It restores my faith in the kindness and goodness of mankind.

Anyways, after driving through a beautiful sunset, we arrived at our campsite and had the best sleep of our lives.

Now on to Garden of the Gods today!!







I am currently laying in a tent in the Rocky Mountains overlooking Colorado Springs and amazing landscapes. I’m about to get the first real sleep I’ve had in well over 24 hours.
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Go Time

Garden of The Gods

Well. It’s Saturday. I arrived in New York last night to drop my dog off at my parents house for the two weeks that I’m gone. The trip starts tomorrow and we’re all super excited to get going! I’m off to Pittsburgh tonight, then tomorrow we head out. First stop? Garden of The Gods, Colorado!


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