Matt has always had the dream of doing a cross country road trip. Back in October of last year he decided to make it a real thing. He then enlisted his cousins and little sitter to join him on the trip and planning began in November. After some issues with scheduling and an internship two of my cousins could not join in on the trip but we needed another person to help keep gas costs low. Plus, the more the merrier, right? That’s when we all began to think of people that would easily fit in. It had to be someone everyone already knew and already got along with, someone who would be down for spontaneous plan changes and someone who can help drive along the journey. (Enter Aaron, stage right)

Now we had the cast. Three family members and Matt’s roommate. The next step was months of planning and deciding exactly where we wanted to go and how we were going to pull everything off. That’s when we landed on camping at a bunch of national parks and enjoying Americas vast landscape as opposed to traveling from city to city.

We’re all super excited and can’t wait to get the trip on the road! Ha. On the road.


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