Glass Sand and San Fran…continued!

Alrighty! So to continue our story where Matt left off, after hanging around the glass beach for a bit, we hopped back in the car and eventually made it to San Francisco.

We spent the day exploring the wharf area, taking in the sights and smells of the good ole’ Pacific.

Man, it was cold by the bay!! We didn’t get to see any sea lions (sad face) but we did see this dude-

Sweet tricks bro 🙂 We ended up down by some old battleships and submarines (maaaayyybee from WWII? Don’t quote me on that. Maybe from Jimmy Johns? Hehehe) and got a nice view of Alcatraz. No way would I ever want to be in prison there. Ok, no way would I want to be in prison anywhere, but after reading some accounts of the people who were inmates, it doesn’t sound like Alcatraz was a boatload of fun. Interesting fact- the people who worked at the penitentiary actually lived on the island with their families. The children of Alcatraz would ride a ferry to school in San Fran everyday. Crazy town!

We also ended up running into seriously the BEST street performers ever. They were a brother and sister from England, and husband of the sister (who was American) and were all studying at the acrobatic institute somewhere in the Bay Area. They were hilarious! Pictures to come 🙂

We escaped the chilly wharf for a bit when we trekked up the giant hill to Lombard Street to watch all of the cars wind back down the giant hill. We have driven down some windy roads in the last week and a half, but this one takes the cake. (Sorry, I don’t have pictures on my phone. We will put some up soon!)

Our day ended with a delicious meal at the Crab House at Pier 39. Yumm yummmm these guys were tasty!!


Bye for now!


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